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Our platform uses generative AI to help you speed up your drug discovery and save your R&D cost by >50%

New Project? Small Molecules? PROTAC? Large Molecules? Antibodies? Nanobodies?

Ainnocence harnesses generative artificial intelligence and machine learning tools to deliver advanced analytics to underpin scientific decision making. Our platform offers the most accurate and efficient system available on the market up to date. It gives you better insights and results faster than any competition can match. We offers tremendous computational power and unparalleled value to every phase of your drug discovery project from hit identification to lead optimization. 

Why Ainnocence?

Pick your Engine

Our platform comprises two main engines CarbonAI® and SentinusAI®. While CarbonAI® handles small molecule, peptide, PROTAC, SentinusAI® will support your large molecule virtual screening and lead optimization tasks. 

Case Studies

We have successful cases in a wide range of projects and in different stages of the drug discovery process from hit identification to lead optimization. To proof our worth we have selected some of our success stories to showcase the true benefits of integrating and utilizing AI in your workflow.

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