Ainnocence, co-founded by a dynamic team of biomedical and AI scientists, offers groundbreaking AI-based systems for designing both small and large molecules. Ainnocence revolutionizes Computer-Aided Drug Design (CADD) with cutting-edge protein language algorithms that streamline In Silico screening in parallel. Our platform is able to conduct genome-wide screening of billions of protein-protein and protein-ligand interactions for both small molecules and antibodies, targeting on-target and off-target effects efficiently. By eliminating the traditional reliance on 3D modeling and docking—a major bottleneck in the industry—our sequence-based approach achieves rapid results and significant cost savings, completing analyses in mere hours with minimal computational demand. Additionally, our system supports the de novo creation of novel small and large molecules through generative AI. This innovative AI platform not only redefines traditional drug development processes but also boasts validation through laboratory studies and endorsements from leading pharmaceutical and biotechnology companies, along with top-tier research institutes. These systems significantly reduce the costs and risks associated with drug discovery, bringing the industry closer to solutions for some of humanity’s most challenging diseases.

“Our goal is to empower biotech and pharmaceutical companies to pursue ambitious ‘moonshot’ cures, previously deemed unfeasible due to exorbitant discovery costs and low success rates,” said Dr. Lurong Pan, Founder of Ainnocence and a veteran with 15 years in AI for drug discovery. “With our technology, drug discovery teams gain access to unprecedented capabilities. By simply providing the sequence of their biological targets, we can screen billions of protein molecules within hours. This efficiency often allows us to reduce extensive wet-lab experiments or certain animal studies, streamlining the entire discovery process.”