AI-Powered Fast and Cost-Effective Antibody De Novo Design and Affinity Maturation Service Unveiled

Revolutionary AI Technology Transforms Antibody Development and Optimization

Ainnocence, a leading AI innovator in biotechnology launched a groundbreaking AI-enabled platform for antibody affinity maturation and de novo design. This powerful animal free platform, driven by Ainnocence’s proprietary SentinusAI® protein generative AI engine, is set to revolutionize the field of antibody discovery and optimization by replacing tradition antibody screening methods such as phage display, hybridoma technology and B-cell selection etc.

AI Redefining Affinity Maturation

SentinusAI®, a self-evolving artificial intelligence engine, empowers researchers to rapidly enhance antibody affinity. This cutting-edge technology can virtually screening up to 10^10 antibody sequences based on their predicted affinity towards one or more antigens within a remarkably short timeframe in hours to a few days. This platform, combined with our wet lab partner’s high-throughput recombinant antibody development program, expedites the expression and validation of top candidate antibodies, resulting in cost-effective, rapid generation of high-affinity data with an impressive hit rate of 15%, up to 85% project success rate and 80% cost and time saving.

The Future of Antibody Discovery

Our AI-powered Fast Affinity Maturation Service offers a multitude of benefits over conventional methods such as phage display and hybridoma generation. This technological advancement enables comprehensive exploration of antibody sequences, significantly expediting the identification of patentable candidates with improved therapeutic properties including efficacy and immunogenicity’s. AI-powered screening is faster, reducing time and labor-intensive steps. Moreover, it eliminates the need for animal models, aligning with ethical considerations, and promoting sustainability.

Service Highlights

Our service encompasses de novo antibody design and fixed template antibody affinity maturation. Customers can provide antigen sequences, active or inactive antibody sequences, and binding affinity data for a customized approach. Deliverables include 20-100 ranked antibody sequences, purified antibodies, and a comprehensive project report, all completed within 4-6 weeks.

Key Advantages of Our AI-Powered Service

1.Vast Sequence Space Exploration: Our advanced AI algorithms efficiently screen and analyze extensive sequence spaces, identifying potential antibody candidates with high affinity.
2.Direct Access to Sequences: Researchers gain direct access to AI-generated antibody sequences, fostering deeper understanding and customization.
3.Ethical and Sustainable: Our approach eliminates the need for animal models, aligning with ethical standards and saving time and resources.
4.Cost-Effective: Leveraging AI reduces the need for resource-intensive processes, resulting in significant cost savings.
5.Integration with “Humanization” AI Computation: Seamless integration with “Humanization” AI computation enhances therapeutic development potential.
6.Higher Hit Rate: AI consistently delivers candidates with improved binding properties, streamlining the optimization process.

Case Studies Showcase Success

We have brought to the industry over a dozen of successful in silico discovery of antibodies including single and multi-target affinity maturation, and de novo antibody design for biotech and pharma companies in the field of infectious disease, immunology, oncology, metabolic and neurological diseases.

Potential Fields of Application

These studies highlight the platform’s versatility and its potential to revolutionize diverse fields, from therapeutic antibody optimization to vaccine design and beyond. Our AI-Powered Fast Affinity Maturation Service finds applications in various fields, including therapeutic antibody optimization, protein engineering, diagnostic assay development, vaccine design, and enzyme engineering.

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